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Hey guys! Welcome to the official website of Syntext! Who are we, you ask? Well, assuming you’ve never seen one of our shows before, we’re an electronic jazz pop duo. I’m Charlie, the producer and bass player, and my bandmate Alex sings and plays saxophone!

This site is slowly building content, but we encourage you to click around and check out what we currently have so far. Who knows, if you have a cool video or picture we might just put it up online! Keep coming back for more updates as we continue to build our music, picture, and video catalogs. If you’re lazy and only want to come back there’s guaranteed new stuff for you to click through, a little birdy told me that something exciting may be coming in mid April. 😉

Though, then again, maybe he told me to get the hell away from his breadcrumbs and his bird friends, I don’t know, I don’t speak bird.

Anyway, enjoy!