Hey Guys!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, but we have just made our return back to NYC! It’s where I was born and raised and where Charlie and I first met. From museums to graffiti, rap to classical, ramen to chowder, you name it, we’re pumped to return home! It’s also home to some of the most influential artists on the planet and rich in history. Poets of the Harlem Renaissance such as Langston Hughes and mainstream icons like Jay-Z all got their start in New York and we hope to one day put our name down beside them (though we technically started the project while living in Boston – don’t tell anyone!).

All that being said, we already miss Florida. We made some incredible friends and got to play along some terrific bands while living there to write and record our first EP. While we’ll miss you all (and the weather – it’s currently snowing here), we’ll be sure to drop down there again in the future. If you’re in the New York area sometime this year, be on the look out for future  show dates.  We’d love to say hi!