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Hey all! It’s been a while since our last update, but we’ve got really exciting news – our first EVER single drops at the end of this week!

That’s right, we finally have recorded music to share with you guys! This Saturday, August 5th, we’ll be dropping our first single, “Corner of a Dark Room”. As scary and depressing as it sounds, it’s a fun song, we promise. In fact, you’ve probably found yourself tapping your foot along to it at our live gigs already.

This is just the first of many releases to come. We’ll be announcing the release of our EP Mad Casual shortly after releasing the premiere single, so if one song just isn’t enough for you, don’t you worry your sweet little head.

Oh, and if you want the song absolutely free, make sure you like us on social media – we’ll be giving away our single for free to one user on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Like all three for the most chances to grab it! Or, if you feel like buying us a piece of bubble gum, you could also just pay 99 cents on iTunes.

Ok, that’s it for now! We’ll update you again on Saturday with everywhere to find the single. If you’re in the south Florida area, check out our single release party at Coffee Bar Blue Door on August 5th at 9pm. Until then!