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August 11, 2019

Hey friends!

We’ve been keeping a semi-low profile lately as we work on finishing our new EP at the end of this year. We can’t wait! Until then, we’ll still be playing the occasional gig, which we’ll be sure to tell you about on social media and our show calendar. We want to share a little of what we’ve been working on with you!

Otherwise, here’s some additional updates:

1) Fans of Alex Long’s smooth vocals can watch him sing at Rise Bar NYC every Tuesday night (except the 21st – but before and after that you’re golden!).  He’s trying to get us money for a super secret awesome project, so if you vote for him he could win $1,000. Come out and hang out with us!

2) We will be providing music for another Underground Magazine party in the future. The date is yet to be announced but we will keep you posted.

3) We have a surprise coming up for you. Check back here for an update soon. 😉